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Know Your Goals
Know Your Goals Our first question to almost 100% of our clients when beginning a conversation about a new web or mobile project is “What are your top 3 goals for how this new site/app needs to perform?”. You should see the confused looks coming from across the table. Response vary from explanations of how they want it to look, to “We need a social element, ya know, twitter, facebook”, to “We want it to tell who we are, really explain or service. Our service areas are so diverse that we need a place to define it in detail.”

On occasion we will get a team that has really prepared for this meeting and can tell us in detail exactly what they want the user to do, where they want them to go, what they want them to take away from the experience and how this piece should integrate with their overall marketing efforts.

Most companies have put their online face, their digital brand, on the back burner to deal with separately from their traditional marketing efforts. Even in today’s web savvy, mobile crazed world there is still a chasm between how a company implements its online marketing strategy and the importance they lay at the feet of their traditional marketing strategies. TV, Radio, Billboard, Trade Pubs, etc, all still have their place in our marketing world, but the area that your demographic targets have overwhelmingly begun to rely on and use consistently is online.

This is where goals are so important. Having a goal oriented, well strategized, and FULLY integrated online marketing strategy will not replace your traditional marketing efforts but will strengthen them exponentially. Here are some things to think about when planning out your goals for a new website, mobile site or social media campaign.
  • What is the overall purpose of your new site or app? (ex. sell products, display information, brand awareness, consolidated place for communication)
  • What are the top 3 things that you want your users to DO when they come to your new site or app? (ex. call us, email us, like our Facebook Page, read a blog, purchase a product, listen to a song)
  • What is the first impression that should be made when a user comes to your new site, or opens your application?
  • How do you want to integrate other parts of your marketing into the site, or vice versa?
  • What types of interaction can you see happening between you and your target?
  • If you are planning a Social Media Campaign, How committed are you to following up with the chosen types of social interaction? Logistically, do you have a plan for someone in-house to handle the tactical side of a social campaign or have you made a plan to hire someone outside to do this for you? (ex. ghost blogger, poster, or tweeter.)
No matter what type of interactive project you are undertaking, having your goals defined before you begin working with an agency or firm will allow them to be more creative when designing your campaigns, keep deadlines on time, and projects on budget. Most importantly you will end up with a product that accomplishes those goals and performs to your satisfaction.

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