Twitch Interactive llc

who is twitch?

the short.

Twitch Interactive llc is a boutique user interface design and development company with clients ranging over many different industries. With over 16 years in interactive marketing strategy, content strategy, user interface design and development, database design, maintenance, and network management.

the long. well maybe not so long.

Twitch Interactive is a online marketing & development firm that creates customized online solutions for companies large and small. We were founded out of a desire to provide our clients with a more focused purposeful online marketing strategy

The marketing world is changing rapidly. Traditional marketing strategies are quickly being overlooked by audiences whose focus is trained on a growing digital world. These audiences are spending more and more time using social sites, blogs, news sites, online commerce, and mobile apps to fill their day. That's where we come in. Our job is to dream up, plan, design, develop, deploy & teach you to meet this brave new world of digital online marketing. So come talk to us!